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Prosperity in Performance

Prosperity Global is an invitation-only investment boutique providing members with exclusive access to Alternative Investment opportunities.



Prosperity Global is a Multi-Strategy Asset Manager that delivers proven value in the Alternative Investments space. Headquartered and regulated in Switzerland, we provide uncorrelated, absolute returns for investors seeking higher yields than traditional investment products.

We aim to address investment concerns and build a long-term relationship that offers a personable experience only a true boutique can offer. Our end goal is to become a trusted advisor to you and ensure that your portfolio is growing in value to your satisfaction.

As an invitation-only boutique, we only accept investors that have either come though our introducer network, or have existing relations with us. The general public are welcome to join our Investor Community.



Equities and fixed income are examples of traditional asset classes. Assets which do not fall into traditional asset classes are often referred to as “Alternative Investments”. These typically include commodities, currencies and derivative contracts.

Alternative Investments, being a riskier asset class than traditional investments, tend to offer not only greater potential for absolute returns but also uncorrelated return profiles.

We provide a complete and bespoke investment service to professionals, business owners, retirees and financial institutions.

Investment strategy providers benefit from our independent market-viability and regulatory assessments as well as capital-raising programs.



Your funds will be invested by a professional money manager with reference to your objectives and risk profile.

  • Discretionary management service
  • Bespoke investment service
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Corporate treasury
  • Immigration investment visas


We can allocate proprietary and raise third party investment capital for good investment strategies.

  • Independent strategy evaluation
  • Manager screening & vetting
  • Asset raising & allocation
  • Risk management
  • Compliance consulting


Your money manager will provide advice based upon your objectives and risk profile, but you make the final investment decisions.

  • Execution-only service
  • Research
  • Technology consulting
  • Tax planning
  • Offshore company formation

Our passion is in delivering strong and consistent risk-adjusted returns

We specialize in delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Alternative Investments as an asset class is generally considered riskier than the more traditional asset classes such as equities and fixed income, and therefore we make generating an investment return greater than these traditional asset classes our primary focus to compensate for the assumed risk.

We are not interested in targeting gross annualized returns of less than seven percent. We make this clear to all prospective investors and only wish to do business with those investors who have the appropriate risk appetite.



Unlike other money managers, our investment products are kept reasonably flexible to cater for individual investor needs. Whether you need to vary the investment horizon, invest using different deposit currencies or in different regulatory jurisdictions, we can accommodate. We offer a truly bespoke service and all investors are given the opportunity to discuss their needs with a professional advisor before proceeding.

There are various options to explore when it comes to extracting income from and contributing addition capital to your investment vehicle. Some investors prefer to generate a stable monthly income. Often, the primary goal in these cases is to treat tax obligations in the most efficient manner possible. We can also arrange for regular savings plan allowing the investor to make timely contributions similar to many pension schemes.

We personalize our service to your needs in true boutique style

One of our distinguishing characteristics is our personalized offering and our commitment to client service. Advantages include the prompt and thorough attention to yourself and your investment needs. By setting a quota on the number of investors admitted (of course, not on the assets introduced for management), we can ensure that all investors receive the client service they deserve without creating responsibilities that could draw attention away from you.

Our culture is infused with privacy principles adopted by Switzerland

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion, especially in regard to money matters, is a highly sensitive area and therefore demands the highest level of safety measures that can be obtained, despite increasing transparency in tax matters. Our investor-base generally want to limit the number of individuals that have knowledge of their financial transactions to an absolute minimum. We have an ingrained respect for privacy and handle all financial matters with utmost discretion.

Other relevant services

Prosperity Global maintains relationships with some of the best third party providers of services that we feel are appropriately suited to our investor base. From immigration investment visas to business referrals and introductions, we can cater for all your investment and lifestyle desires. Once you become a member of our Investor Community, you will be provided with regular updates and notifications of other ways we can help you.


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